Jones DAO Commonwealth Forums

"Commonwealth, much like other forum platforms, provides a place where anyone can go to voice their opinion, share suggestions, or make comments about an organization - in our case, Jones DAO."

Jones DAO Commonwealth Forums
The Founding Jeeniuses


Just like the founding fathers of the United States, Jones DAO is a rich community of minds that each provide valuable insight into the wants and needs of the protocol. Some have come forward with brilliant ideas around community upgrades, while others have pondered jonesenomics with scrupulous diligence. We think it is time to give you Jeeniuses a platform to voice your opinions and an on-ramp to creating change for the protocol. That is why we have taken a bit of time to construct a Commonwealth forum which builds a solid foundation of decentralization within our community. Every Jonesie’s voice is important to us!

The Commonwealth

Commonwealth, much like other forum platforms, provides a place where anyone can go to voice their opinion, share suggestions, or make comments about an organization - in our case, Jones DAO. In our Commonwealth we currently have 4 distinct sections which each serve their own purpose:

  • General Forum - This section serves as a general opinion forum where community members can have discussions about topics relating to Jones in a structured manner.
  • RFC - This section, Request For Comment, is the first step in the governance process. You will be able to post here without having to own $JONES tokens, but each post must be accompanied by a poll which will have to succeed with a majority vote to proceed to the next stage of governance.
  • JIP - Jones Improvement Proposals are the second stage of the governance process. Proposals that land here must come from RFC and must be posted by an individual with at least 1 $JONES token in their wallet. These must have a majority vote AND a minimum of 5 responses in the comments before they can be formulated into policy.
  • TIP - Treasury Improvement Proposals mirror JIPs but with the stipulation that they only deal with the Treasury of Jones DAO. The requirements for integration into DAO policy are the same.

Some Ground Rules

We do not intend to just set this out and let the community run amok with proposals, so we will lay down some ground rules to guide the process a bit. They will be familiar to you if you have ever interacted with DAO governance before.

  1. Must include an accurate poll number along with a JIP/TIP proposal.
  2. Must include a poll on all RFC, JIP, and TIP proposals.
  3. Must have posted a discussion in the General Forum or interacted in the community/contributor server before elevating a governance stage.
  4. Must answer community questions/concerns about your proposal.


Similarly, if you have ever done DAO governance before, we will follow a very similar model to many popular processes. Note that this is for all posts except the General Forum! No need to reinvent the wheel here:


A simple description of the proposal's end result and desired change; should be no more than a few sentences.


Explain why this proposal is necessary or useful for the protocol. We encouraged visual elements such as charts or math to support their arguments if necessary to paint the full picture.


Lay out your proposal - explain how it is going to tackle the issue at hand and present the action items.

Polling Period

The polling process begins now and will end at HH:MM UTC on DD/MM/YYYY.


For: Action taken if this proposal is accepted.

Against: Action taken if this proposal is rejected.


To reiterate, Jones believes that all orange-hatted members of the community should have a say in the processes and mechanics of the protocol. As such, we put forward this Commonwealth forum to the people in order to help aid in the flow of great ideas. Get chatting Jonesies!

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