Jones DAO's DPX Vaults

"We’re excited to announce that Dopex vaults are going live today via a brand new jAsset Vault. Jones DAO is built on top of Dopex and is made stronger every day by the incredible Dopex community."

Jones DAO's DPX Vaults


We’re excited to announce that Dopex vaults are going live today via a brand new jAsset Vault. Jones DAO is built on top of Dopex and is made stronger every day by the incredible Dopex community. Our new DPX vaults are yet another powerful tool for Jones DAO and Dopex users to earn yield and remain protected from volatile markets. Continue reading for details on this new opportunity, why you should deposit your DPX in the new vault, and what to do at the start of the new epoch.

The DPX Vault

The new DPX vault functions exactly as other jAsset vaults have functioned in the previous epoch. Users can deposit their DPX tokens to receive yield-bearing jDPX that becomes liquid and composable. Users can then deposit their jDPX alongside an equal DPX position in the jDPX/DPX liquidity pool to earn additional JONES incentives.  

The opportunity for DPX deposits during this epoch is significant. With ~8971 DPX deposited in the Dopex DPX Call SSOV, there is approximately $12.6M (at current prices) of value that could earn even more yield via the new jDPX vault. The overall opportunity for DPX deposits in Jones DAO exceeds this $12.6M by a wide margin. With over 211,000 DPX in circulation today the opportunity for Jones DAO to help Dopex holders earn more yield is massive over the long-term.

V2 Vaults

This epoch also marks the arrival of our new V2 jAsset vaults. These vaults are now fully trustless meaning that funds flow to smart contracts, not the multisig! Our new vaults ultimately enhance the safety and decentralization of the protocol while giving us far more flexibility in the future.

New Epoch? What Do?

Our jAsset vaults open for deposits at the start of each new Dopex epoch. During this time, users generally need to decide what to do with their assets. In our opinion (not financial advice), the best thing users can do in this crypto environment is either:

  1. Roll over their current vault positions and stay comfy


2.   Add more to their vault positions and get even comfier

Jones DAO vault deposits are rolled over automatically into the next epoch with no need for any actions from depositors. If you opt to add more to jAsset vaults, simply follow the same deposit procedure at the beginning of each new epoch.

Navigating Volatility with jAsset Vaults

Market prices are currently highly volatile. Users depositing into SSOVs on Dopex or jAsset vaults are able to generate solid organic yield in their underlying asset of choice. Even if market conditions remain challenging, users can count on our strategists and quants to make risk-averse decisions that maximize yield for depositors. jETH, jgOHM, and now jDPX vaults are excellent tools for navigating volatile markets. At the time of writing, our jgOHM and jETH vaults have generated strong APYs even in the face of significant market volatility (epoch performance reports to be released shortly).


New epochs are a great opportunity to allocate more assets to delta-neutral strategies during times of market instability. Our new DPX vault opens up tons of possibilities for DPX holders and the Dopex community overall. Our Discord is always open if you have more questions about the new vaults or existing Jones DAO tools.

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